Vintage Indiana Lures (M-S)

Stoney’s Spinner was made by the Main Auto Supply Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana. This antique wooden lure is very similar to the South Bend Nip-I-Diddee.

The Skipper Bill lure was produced in small quantities for a very short time during the 40-50s. This antique fishing lure was manufactured by the Mars Hill Wood Product Company at 3638 W. Troy Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana (Mars Hill area).  Click here to learn more about the Mars Hill Skipper Bill lure.

Skipper Bill Glass Eyes
Mars Hill Skipper Bill Lure (Mars Hill, IN)
Main Auto Supply
Main Auto Supply (Fort Wayne, IN)







Marburger Bros Hardware sold these moth lures.  These lures are most likely from the 1950s.

Marburger Bros Lures Peru
Marburger Bros Hardware (Peru, IN)


Minners Bait & Tackle of Linton, IN made spinner baits.  The Murphy Novelty Company produced a plastic shrimp that could be unscrewed and stuffed with “bait”.

Minners Bait
Minner’s Bait & Tackle (Linton, IN)
Murphy Novelty Co
Murphy Novelty Company (Indianapolis, IN)







Neal lures were made in Columbus, IN and then later by the Tackle Service Center in Mooresville, IN.   The older lures came in 2-piece cardboard boxes.  Some of the lures offered by Neal are the Original Neal Spinner, Baby Spinner, Fatso, Sidewinder, Tornado, Dual Spinner and Slim Spin.  It is unclear whether Neal developed its own Dual Spinner Lure or if they collaborated with Jack’s Lures, also out of Columbus.

Neal Lures
Neal Sidewinder Lure (Columbus, IN)
Neal Lure
Neal Dual Spinner Lure







Clarence Dewey invented the Floater Getum lure sometime in the early 1920s and he is known as the founder of the Outing Manufacturing Company.  In 1927 Heddon bought the Outing company, specifically for the rights to the tackle boxes. Heddon sold all the lures that were in inventory and the Getum lures were never made again.

Outing Bassey Lure
Outing Bassey Getum


This Red Fin Minnow is a rubber bait made by the Ozark Bait Company in Shelbyville, IN.  The company’s logo, located on the end of the box, was “Fish and Stay Young”.

Ozark Bait Company Red Fin Minnow
Ozark Bait Company (Shelbyville, IN)


The Outlaw Talk Tall and Pay Tree Frog are from the 1980s.

Outlaw Tackle
Outlaw Talk Tall Lure (Evansville, IN)
Pay Tree Lure
Pay Tree Frog Lure (Chandler, IN)







The Peru Bait Company from Peru, Indiana manufactured this wood Jitterbug lure.   This lure is similar to the Hottenanna Lure from Ohio.  The Ole Krok lure was made by the Roy L. Kimble Bait Co. in South Bend, IN during the 1940’s.   Most of these plain, square plugs are black but some were made in all yellow, black/white, red/white and red/yellow.   This Roy Kimble Lure Box Insert shows the colors offered and the Roy Kimble Lures Product Flyer gives even more information.

Peru Bait Company

Roy Kimble






The ShurBite Bait Company is from Michigan, but this box was found that is marked “Kokomo, IN”.   There was no lure in this box.

ShurBite Lure Co. (Kokomo, IN)

Shur-Luk made a variety of wooden light-tackle lures.    The Side-Stepper lure is a large musky type wood lure.

Shur Luck Lures
Shur Luk Collection


Shur Luk Fly Lure
Shur-Luk Froggie (Auburn, IN)
Sidestepper Lure
Side-Stepper Bait Co. (Crawfordsville, IN)







Patended in 1929, this 3 5/8″ wood lure from South Bend, Indiana has cup and screw eye hardware. Anthony Sobecki invented this vintage wood lure.  The South Bend Bait Company was one of the largest manufacturers of fishing lures in the country.   The company offered hundreds of metal, plastic and wood fishing lures.

Sobecki Lure
Sobecki Pollywog Wiggler (South Bend, IN)
South Bend Lure
South Bend 3-Hook Minnow (South Bend, IN)







The Sportsman Products Inc. bait company produced lures in Marion, IN.   Most resemble a Sparkle Tail lure with a rubber tail, but they also offered plastic worms.   The box below contains an 18 inch long rubber worm that was either used as a display model in bait stores or maybe an actual lure for musky fishing.   Staley produced the Twin Minn lures in the 1950s then later produced the plastic Hi-Sport lures.  Click here for more information on Staley-Johnson lures.


Catch-Em Quick Lure
Catch-Em Quick Lure
Sportsmans Products
Sportsman Products Inc. (Marion, IN)
Staleys Hi Sport
Staley Hi-Sport Lure (Fort Wayne, IN)






Staley Lure
Staley-Johnson Twin Minn (Fort Wayne, IN)

Stream-Eze of South Bend made a variety of plastic mermaid lures including a fly rod version.   Stream King Tackle from Indianapolis produced these metal spinner bass lures.

Stream Eze Mermaid
Stream-Eze Mermaid (South Bend, IN)
Stream King Tackle
Stream King Tackle (Indianapolis, IN)







Sugar Creek Bait Company of Terre Haute made this Pink Stick Lure that came in a plastic box. Another company by the same name from Crawfordsville produced wooden minnow baits.

Sugar Head Bait
Sugar Creek Pink Stick (Terre Haute, IN)
Sugar Creek Minnow
Sugar Creek Minnow (Crawfordsville, IN)







The Summers Moth was made in Lafayette, IN.  The Sun Spot spoon was independently made in Elkhart, Indiana and it was also made later by the South Bend Bait Company.

Summers Moth
Summers Moth (Lafayette, IN)
SunSpot Spoon
Sunspot Spoon (Elkhart, IN)







The Sutphin’s Darter, a wooden lure nearly identical to the Carter’s Bestever lure, is from Indianapolis, IN and came in a 2-piece cardboard box.

Sutphin’s Darter (Indianapolis, IN)

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