Tropical Bait Company

The Tropical Bait Company manufactured lures in Indianapolis, Indiana during the 1930s.  Ned Danforth started the company from his home in Indianapolis, IN.   His 4 daughters and 1 son helped make the lures.

Tropical Bait Company Lure Display Indianapolis Indiana


The company had a variety of lures, but the two most common lures are the Bugeyed Babbler and the Stormy Petrel.   These lures looked like the “Pac Man” character and could be used as a floating popper lure.

This Tropical Bait Company Brochure shows that the company manufactured the Stormy Petrel and Bugeyed Babbler lures at 717 S. Emerson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN.

Bugeyed Babbler
Bugeyed Babbler
Stormy Petrel Yellow
Stormy Petrel

Some other lures made by the company include the Duckbill, Small Guppy and Double-Header.

Tropical Small Guppy
Tropical Bait Company Small Guppy
Tropical Double Header Lure
Tropical Bait Double Header
Tropical Bait Company Collection
Bugeyed Babbler & Stormy Petrels
Stormy Petrel Pair
Stormy Petrel Side & Front View
Tropical Bait Bugeyed Babbler
Bugeyed Babbler

The Tropical Bait Company often displayed lures at trade shows including the Indianapolis Sports Show and others.    This Tropical Bait Company Brochure was given out at trade shows.  After a brief relationship with Sears & Roebuck that did not work out, Ned formed the Danforth Manufacturing Company which stayed in business making tackle until 1959.  This Danforth Manufacturing Brochure was used at trade shows.

Tropical Bait Trade Show
Tropical Bait Company At Trade Show
Tropical Bait Fuzzy Duck
Fuzzy Duck Lure
Tropical Bait Flying Fish
Tropical Bait Company Flying Fish Lure
Tropical Bait Harness
Tropical Bait Harness
Tropical Bait Company Spinner
Danforth Manufacturing Company Harness Lure