Staley-Johnson Lures

The first Twin Minn Lure was made in 1941 by Raymond Staley in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Due to the shortage of materials caused by the war, Twin Minns were not produced in volume for several years after that first one.

In 1946 Staley-Johnson Manufacturing Company was formed, naming the Board of Directors Raymond Staley, Kenneth Johnson and Georgie Johnson.

The company manufactured 2 primary lures: the Twin Minn and the Honey Lure.   The Twin Minn features 2 small “twin minnows” paired on a metal plate.   The Honey Lure is a fat minnow that is secured to the same type of plate that is used for the Twin Minn Lure.   Twin Minn lures came in both floating and sinking models.  The floating model used a plate that has a bluish tint to it.


Staley Honey Lure (2)
Staley Honey Lure


The Twin Minn lures were produced in AT LEAST 21 different colors and some collectors claim to have over 25 different colors. The 2 wooden bodies of the Twin Minn are set on a unique metal, patented plate.

Staley-Johnson lures were made for just a short time as production halted sometime in 1948.  This Staley Johnson lure brochure lists the colors and types of lures that were made and this brochure includes the Honey Lure.   This 2nd brochure shows more of the colors (with color codes) that were offered with the Twin Minn fishing lure.

Staley Frog
Twinn Minn in Frog
Staley Brown Rib
Unusual Twin Minn Color
Staley Lure Plate
Twin Minn Metal Plate



Staley Honey Lure In Mouse
Staley Honey Lure In Mouse
Staley Twin Minn Color Collection
Staley Twin Minn Collection