Creek Chub Bait Company

The Creek Chub Bait Company started making lures in 1916. These are some of the most popular antique fishing lures among collectors because of the wide variety of styles and colors that were produced.

The Creek Chub Bait Company (CCBC) was located in Garrett, Indiana, started by three founders: George Schultress, Carl Heinzerling and Henry Dills. The company produced some of the highest quality lures with the best hardware and paint available. These old fishing lures were produced in Garrett until 1979.

Creek Chub Deluxe Wagtail
Creek Chub Deluxe Wagtail

One of the earliest CCBC lures was the Deluxe Wag Tail Chub. The lure first appeared around 1918.  This 2 3/4″ wood lure has a metal tail attached to the back of the body. This example is in a “Goldfish” finish.

The “Pikie” lure was first introduced in 1920. This lure was one of the most popular lures ever made. Most Pikie lures have a lip that’s stamped “CCBC Pat 9-27-20”. The Pikie lure came in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors.

Creek Chub Pikie
Pikie In Strawberry

The Baby Wiggle Fish and Wiggle Fish lures were introduced in 1925. The Baby version was produced until 1933 and the larger size until 1957.

Creek Chub Wigglefish
Silver Flash WiggleFish
Creek Chub Baby Wigglefish
Dace Baby Wigglefish







The Creek Chub Jigger is a “Water Sonic” lure that was introduced in 1933. The lure has a hole through the center of the body and a metal scoop that causes water to flow through the hole. The lure was produced in 2 sizes and 8 standard colors.

Creek Chub Jigger
CCBC Jigger

Creek Chub “Hair Baits” were introduced sometime in the 1930s. Some of the lures came in 4 sizes (fly rod, midget, standard and husky). These old wooden lures include the Dingbat, Surface Dingbat, Dinger and Plunking Dinger.

Creek Chub Plunking Dinger
Plunking Dinger In Frog
Creek Chub Dinger
Frog Dinger
Creek Chub Dingbat
Golden Shiner Dingbat


Here are some tough Creek Chub finds in Silver Flash.

CCBC Winged Plunker
CCBC Winged Plunker
Creek Chub Flip Flap
Flip Flap







Creek Chub Sarasota
Creek Chub Sarasota
Creek Chub Salmon Lure
Creek Chub Salmon Lure







Creek Chub River Rustler
Creek Chub River Rustler
Creek Chub Husky Injured Minnow
Husky Injured Minnow







Creek Chub Husky Dinger
Husky Dinger
Creek Chub Husky Dingbat
Husky Dingbat







Creek Chub often placed pocket Lure Brochures, How to Fish Guides and other materials in the lure boxes.  Some other CCBC Baits are featured in this Creek Chub Lures Folding Brochure and this Spinning Lure Pamphlet.

This 1940 Creek Chub Bait Company Lure Catalog is a great example of the products offered in 1940.  This is the Creek Chub Lure Index and CCBC Color Chart from that same 1940 catalog.


This Creek Chub Crawdad Intro Box is from the 1920s and is very rare in this condition.