Antique Indiana Lures (G-L)

The Genalure had a plastic rotating prop that, when turned, caused the lure to light up.  The Go-Ite metal lure was produced in Kokomo, Indiana for a short time apparently.   Every other Go-Ite lure I’ve seen is marked as being manufactured in Michigan.

Genalure (St. Johns, IN)
Go Ite Manufacturing
Go-Ite Manufacturing (Kokomo, IN)







The Greider Retreating Minnow is one of the coolest (and rarest) Indiana lures.   This bait was made in Cromwell Indiana  and has a hook tie on the opposite end from the eyes so it swims backwards.

Greider Retreating Minnow
Greider Retreating Minnow (Cromwell, IN)


The Haas Bros from Wabash, Indiana produced small metal spinner baits in the late 1800s – early 1900s.   This lure has the company name and “Non Pareil” stamped on the blade.

Haas Bros Wabash Lure
Haas Bros (Wabash, IN)
Haas Bros Metal Lure
Haas Bros







The feather minnow was a fly lure made by the Hayes Company.  This Hayes Lures Advertisement shows the company was located at 154 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Hayes Feather Minnow
Hayes Feather Minnow Box
Hayes Feather Minnow Box







The wooden Go-Getter lure, manufactured by the Hayes Bait Company of Indianapolis, Indiana features interchangeable hook/fly attachments. All printed references feature the red/white version shown below, but this green scale version on the far left (with the scooped out area by the head) has to be another variation made by the same company.


Hayes Go Getter
Hayes Go-Getter In Box


Hildebrandt (Hayes) Go Getter
Hayes & Hildebrandt Go-Getters

This antique fishing lure was made by the Hayes company then the Hildebrandt Company of Logansport, Indiana.    The Hayes version has a metal plate under the lip where the interchangeable hook assembly bar attaches.    The Hildebrant version attaches to a post that comes out of the belly of the lure.

In the late 1920’s the Go-Getter patent was assigned to the Creek Chub Bait Company and the lure soon transitioned into the Creek Chub River Rustler.  In the 1980’s, the Hildebrandt company made a later version of the Go-Getter with painted eyes in a brown 2-piece cardboard box.   I had a conversation with Mark Hildebrandt in May of 2019 and he said that these later versions were done in a “very limited production from the Logansport factory, made in (5) patterns.   They were used as special incentives to our trade customers.”   Mark went on to say that the Hildebrandt company supplied the buzz blade to Pat Floyd for his “Floyd’s Buzzer”.

This very old Hildebrandt Lure Brochure shows the items the company offered including metal spinners, bass bugs, fly lures, fish knives, water-proof matches, tackle boxes (including an Outing model tackle box), fish stringers, fly reels and much more.

This display shows the transition of the Go-Getter lure with the patent transfer paperwork from Hildebrandt to Creek Chub.


Go Getter River Rustler
Hayes, Hildebrandt, Creek Chub Timeline


The Homarth Company, located on Keystone at Prospect in Indianapolis, Indiana, made several antique wood fishing lures for a very brief period in the 1930s.  Click here for more information on Homarth.

Homarth Hoaxer Lure
Homarth Hoaxer Lure (Indianapolis, IN)
Homarth Jiggilo Lure
Homarth Jiggilo Lure







Hoosier Tackle Company of Kokomo, Indiana made some neat fly lures that were attached to black cards.

Hoosier Bait Company Kokomo
Hoosier Bait Company (Kokomo, IN)

This neat little bait features three treble hooks that are connected to swivels. The North Manchester Indiana lures originally came in tin containers, then later in cardboard boxes.  This insert was found in some metal boxes and this full brochure was found in other boxes.

The patent for this lure was issued in 1909. The South Bend Bait Company bought the patent in the 1920s.

Howes Vaccum Bait
Howe’s Vacuum Bait (North Manchester, IN)


The Sparkle Tail lures were originally made in Indianapolis, IN then later in Brooklyn, IN.   Hubs Chubs lures were made in Arcadia, IN.

Hubs Lure
Hubbard Sparkle Tail (Indianapolis, IN)
Hubs Chub
Hubs Chub (Arcadia, IN)







The Humphrey Bait Company worked with the Bill Watters Bait Company and sold this B-W Spinner lure.    I am not sure about the relationship between Watters and Humphrey, but at some point they also had a relationship with the South Bend Bait Company.  This lure looks just like the South Bend Nip-I-Diddee lure.

Humphrey B W Spinner
Humphrey Baits (Jasonville, IN)

This Little David the fish killer lure by Huffman lures is a neat “folky” lure.  The Pelican lure was made by the International Tackle Company of South Bend, Indiana. The lure measures 3 1/2″ and has screw-in hook hardware.

Huffman Lure
Huffman Lure (Anderson, IN)
International Tackle
International Tackle Company (South Bend, IN)







The Fish Hawk is a small wooden bait that I’ve only seen in black/white color. The JW Farlow lures were made in Indianapolis during the 1960s.

J W Farlow Lure
J W Farlow Vibrant Minnow
J R Wilson Fish Hawk
J R Wilson Fish Hawk (Indianapolis, IN)







Jack’s Dual Spinner was manufactured in Columbus, Indiana. This metal body lure has 2 small blades on each side of the dual wire arms.  Jacks also made the wooden Old Joe lure.

Jacks Dual Spinner
Jack’s Dual Spinner (Columbus, IN)
Jacks Lure
Jack’s Old Joe







The Jemco Sonic Live Action Lure is from East Gary, IN and was produced in the 1950’s.   It is a hollow plastic lure with a rotating head.    The Jos Tackle Shop Doodlebug was made in the 1930’s in Jasper, IN and is very similar to the Homarth and Falls City Doodlebug lures.

Jemco Lure
Jemco Sonic Live Action (East Gary, IN)
Jos Tackle Shop Doodlebug
Jos Doodlebug (Jasper, IN







Joe Neukam #4
Jo’s Doodlebug (Jos. Neukam)

The Katchmore Bass Charger and K-L Mercury Worm are 2 plastic lures made in Indiana in the 1950’s-1960’s and the Mercury Worm DOES contain Mercury in the plastic tube.  The K-L Company made this 1954 Colorful Product Brochure for the Mercury Worm.

Katchmore Bait Company
Katchmore Bass Charger (Indiana)
Mercury Worm Lure
K-L Mercury Worm (Angola, IN)







Keller Lures were made in Rochester, IN during the 1920’s.   The lures have a folk art look to them and are very collectible.   Lloyd’s Mermaid baits are plastic mermaid lures from South Bend, IN.

Keller Lure
Keller Lure (Rochester, IN)
Lloyd's Mermaid
Lloyd’s Mermaid (South Bend, IN)







Loon Country Lures are large musky lures made in Spencer, IN.  The Lucky Joe Bait is from Indianapolis.

Lucky Joe Bait Company
Lucky Joe Bait (Indianapolis, IN)
Loon Lake Lure
Loon Country Lure (Spencer, IN)







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