Indiana Lure Makers

I collect vintage fishing tackle and old fishing lures that were made in Indiana.   Between the early 1900’s and 1950’s there were so many entrepreneurs making lures out of their garages that it is nearly impossible to identify all of them.

My goal is to identify as many of those lure makers as possible, providing photo documentation of their work.

Some of the more popular Indiana miscellaneous lure makers include Bite ’em, Outing, Staley, Homarth, Tropical Bait Company, and the Mars Hill Skipper Bill Lure.


Homarth Lure In Box     Bite Em Revolving Lure     Outing Pikey Getum Lure (Elkhart, Indiana)     Mars Hill Skipper Bill Lure     Dickens Weedless Wonder Lure (Fort Wayne, Indiana)     Staley Johnson Twin Minn Lure

The two largest and well known lure makers from Indiana are the South Bend Bait Company of South Bend, Indiana and the Creek Chub Bait Company of Garrett, Indiana.

An entire web site could be dedicated to these two lure makers without even scratching the surface of their contributions to fishing, but this web site focuses on more obscure companies.   Contact me if you have unique insight on any of these small Indiana lure makers.


I can appraise antique fishing lures and I will buy any lures that were made in Indiana.   I can also help you sell your antique fishing lures.